Flannel Friday: 2 Red Apples

I know it’s not the right time of year for an apple rhyme, but hey, apples are popular year round, and you could use this in a red storytime, or storytimes about counting or trees.

This is not a flannel board, but more of a prop piece.  You know the rhyme:

Way up high in the apple tree/2 red apples smiled at me/ I shook that tree as hard as I could/ and down came the apples/mmm, were they good.

I like to run through the rhyme first, just doing the motions and embellishments (make a big deal about counting 1,2, shaking the tree really hard, and really rubbing the tummy to illustrate the yumminess of the apples).

Then, bring out the prop and go through the rhyme again.  The prop is a tree cut out of construction paper and glued to a piece of tagboard. The oddly smiling apples are taped onto the ends of a piece of string that’s about 14 inches long.  The string is fed through two tiny holes punched in the middle of the leafy part of the tree so that the apples face forward.


When it’s time for the apples to fall down, just pull them down one at a time and the loop on the back of the tagboard will tighten up.  You can then magically put the apples back in the tree by pulling the loop back down.

How do  you like them apples?!

10 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: 2 Red Apples

  1. I love those apples! I think that is a great idea for this rhyme. (We use this one almost year-round at my library.) Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I love them apples! I’m doing a color storytime tomorrow, and I think this fits. Yoink! (yoink=the sound of my stealing this idea) Thanks, Smartypants.

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