Flannel Friday bonus: Pajamas

Pajamas are some of my favorite things, and the word pajama is just fun.  So here’s a silly pajama song, perfect for a silly storytime or a go to bed storytime.

Here are my flannel pajamas (HA!)

I’m not sure where my pj pattern came from, but you can see it’s a very simple shape you could easily come up with on your own.  You could also do a google image search for ‘pajama pattern’ or ‘pajama coloring sheet’.  This is also generic enough of a shape that it fits many already existing flannel figures, meaning you don’t have to make a special pajama-wearing character, any old one will do.

The song is sung to the tune of She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain.   Match the appropriate pajamas to the verse as you sing.

I wear my red pajamas in the summer (when it’s hot!) /I wear my red pajamas in the winter (when it’s not!)/and sometimes in the springtime/and sometimes in the fall/I hop into my bed with none at all.

Repeat using the various colors.  I told you it was silly.

Happy pajama (or not!) wearing!

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