Flannel Friday: Pancake Man Theater

Pancake Man Theater is, of course, no competition for Harry Potter.  Unless you really, really like pancakes.  And probably not even then. ANYWAY. This version of a classic story and all patterns come from the September/October 1993 (yes, I saw the original because I am that old) issue of the beloved Copy Cat magazine.

The story begins (and I believe this is a very slightly modified version of the one in Copy Cat) Once upon a time, a family made a pancake. Just as they were about to eat the pancake, that tasty treat jumped out of the frying pan, onto the kitchen floor, and rolled right out the door! The family began to chase him, but the Pancake Man called out “You can’t catch me, I’m the Pancake Man, I am, I am!”

The pancake proceeds to roll down the lane, passing a variety of animals.  Each time the animal says “I love pancakes! I’m going to eat you up!” and the pancake man replies “You can’t catch me, I’m the Pancake Man, I am, I am”. The animals all begin to chase the pancake.

The pancake man passes a rooster crowing on a fence, a pig sitting in the mud, a cow grazing in the field, a duck swimming in a pond, a sheep eating flowers in the meadow, and a cat napping on a rock.

Eventually the Pancake Man and the family and animals chasing him (it?) come to a river.  The pancake, in a panic, makes the unfortunate decision to jump in and then proceeds to fall apart.  Because everyone knows that, as the story says, pancakes can’t swim.  The Pancake Man’s final words were “You can’t catch me, I’m the pancake blub…blub…blub…blub…”

The Pancake Man is a pattern cut out of a piece of paper, colored, and glued to a paper plate.  Cut another plate in half and staple it onto the bottom back of the pancake plate and you can create storage for the story pieces.

The story pieces, patterns that I colored and cut out of paper, are also designed to be puppets.  Just tape the bottom flap together in the back, and voila!


***If you are don’t have access to old Copy Cat magazines (woe is  you, I have a few treasured editions that have moved with me from library to library to home, just not this issue darn it), someone actually has the patterns to this story on their website.  I am really fuzzy as to the copyright issues that may be involved here, so I will not link directly to the sight. Just google Pancake Man Copycat Magazine, and you will see the story there.

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