Flannel Friday: Doggy, Doggy, Who Has Your Bone?

It is just so hot here, so I’m keeping flannel Friday simple today.

If you need something fun, simple, a time filler, Doggy, Doggy, Who Has Your Bone? is a great option.  Based on the extremely popular Little Mouse Little Mouse game, this flannel rhyme is just as simple and almost as much of a crowd favorite in these parts.

Gather up some flannel or laminated animals.  Unless you want to keep to a specific theme (farm, zoo, woods, etc), it really doesn’t matter which animals you choose.  I have an envelope full of generic animals that are a great go-to for games like this one. The patterns, by the way, come from a book in the invaluable series 2’s Experience: by Liz and Dick Wilmes and Janet McDonnell.

2'S Experience: Felt Board Fun (2's Experience Series)

Make sure you have a dog and a paper bone (I just freehanded the bone pattern).

Place the dog  to one side of the flannelboard, and the rest of the animals in a couple of columns.  Hide the bone under one of the animals (try to keep the kids from seeing you, of course, if at all possible), and then chant “Doggy, doggy, who has your bone?”   Let the kids direct you as you look under various animals for poor Doggy’s bone.

“Does snake have the bone? No!

Where else should we look? Does bird have the bone? No!

Does cat have your bone? Yes!”

Then repeat. And repeat again!

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