Flannel Friday: Occupation Concentration

Occupation Concentration is a version of the card game Concentration (you know, the card game in which all of the cards are placed face down and two cards at a time are flipped face up, with the object of the game being to turn over a matching pair of cards by remembering the location of the cards that you’ve seen).  Occupation Concentration goes well with an occupation-themed storytime (I like to call mine ‘You can be…”)

Here is my master set of cards.

I also have a modified set I give out for the kids to take home.  We’ll play with that one today.

Turn the cards face down.  Then flip one over.


Keep looking for that match.


Found it!

Here is what I give out to take home–a set of cards and directions, placed in a small ziplock.


I used standard clipart for the pictures (which is the reason for the somewhat offbeat occupations, I believe), printed out on white cardstock and cut out with scissors or paper cutter.

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