Flannel Friday: How will we get to school?

I recently did a Getting Ready for Kindergarten storytime, and this How will we get to school? flannelboard was one of the opening activities.

Print out a strip of paper that says “How will we get to school?”  Then print out pictures of a car, a bus, a bicycle, and some walkers.  You will need several of each.  I just used clip art, put 3-4 pictures on a page, and used the paper cutter to make a big batch of each group. Keep in mind what your storytime group will potentially be choosing. I made very few walkers, because no one can actually walk to the schools in our district. I actually made more cars than buses, and was surprised that more kids chose buses and I ended up almost running out of them.

Discuss the ways to get to school, then have each child come up and choose the picture that represents how they will get to school. Have them place the picture in the correct column.  When all the kids have picked and posted a picture, you can count them together and see which mode of transportation is the most popular.

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