Flannel Friday: Brown Bun, Brown Bun plus, Jelly Bean Countdown

Hungry? How about a hamburger and some jellybeans? These rhymes would work well in a food storytime or a color storytime.

First course: a hamburger. This is obviously a takeoff of the Bill Martin book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Substitute in the parts of a burger and you have dinner.

Brown bun, brown bun, what do you see?/I see a green pickle looking at me.

Continue with red tomato, yellow cheese, and brown patty.

Then: brown patty, brown patty, what do you see?/I see a hungry child looking at me.

Hungry child, hungry child, what do you see?/I see a hamburger looking at me.

Yummy, yummy, let’s eat!

I borrowed this flannelboard from my library’s flannelboard collection, so I don’t have a source for the pieces. Clipart or coloring sheets would provide great patterns.

Now, dessert. Jellybeans!  I found this one in my library’s collection, as well.  The flannel pieces are amazingly simple, just large jellybean shapes. I would love to decorate them with some glitter or puffy paint, but I will refrain. 🙂  I do, however, love the rhyme.

5 little jellybeans, I wish I had more!/I’ll eat the green one, now there are 4.

4 little jellybeans, tasty as can be/I’ll eat the purple one, now there are 3.

3 little jellybeans, only a few/I’ll eat the blue one, now there are 2.

2 little jellybeans, eating them is fun/I’ll eat the orange one, now there is one.

1 little jellybean, the last one for me/I’ll eat this yellow one, I’m happy as can be.

Mmmmm, not the healthiest dinner but a tasty one!


One thought on “Flannel Friday: Brown Bun, Brown Bun plus, Jelly Bean Countdown

  1. Tracey!! Who’s the clever librarian??? What a fantastic idea!! I can’t stand how great Brown Bun is! I’ll have to go back and read the jellybean entry — I had to comment immediately — it has put a smile on my face and, truly I know you think I’m exaggerating, a tear I my eye. I wish my hubby would appreciate this then I’d stop babbling. So great!

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