Flannel Friday: Little Bear, What Will You Wear?

Take one little bear, add some clothes, consult the bear’s to-do list, and dress him appropriately.

What does Bear wear to school?

What does Bear wear when it’s raining?

What does Bear wear to bed?

What does Bear wear at the beach?

You can perform this flannel in a variety of ways. You could put out all of the clothes at once and get the kids to choose the appropriate clothing for each situation, or you could make a list together of what bear needs, then choose. With younger children, you can talk about where on his body bear would wear each item of clothing (“where would bear wear his shoe? on his ear? no, on his foot!”)

As a funny ending to this flannel board, I intend to make Bear underwear! I am going to use the swim trunks in the picture above and decorate them to look like underwear. Why? Because after saying “Bear wear” so  many times while doing this flannel, it seems like a natural ending, somehow.  I will update with a picture when I finish them.

This flannel is paper, colored with markers. The bear pattern is of unknown origin, I have had him for years. The clothes can be found here: http://dltk-teach.com/books/littlecritter/index.htm.  There are two more outfits there, too, a pirate outfit and a wild west one. You can use removable double stick tape to make the clothing stick to the bear, which works even better if the items are laminated.

Miss Mary Liberry has this week’s Flannel Friday roundup, and check out  the hosting schedule and past round ups at So Tomorrow. See all the Flannel Friday posts at the beautiful Pinterest account!


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