Flannel Friday: One Frog Jumps

Sometimes the kids just won’t sit still in storytime, and when that happens I will often bust out this extremely simple flannel story that incorporates and encourages different kinds of movement.

Place a frog on the flannel board and say “one frog jumps”.  Then one at a time, place more animals on the board.

One duck jumps. No! Ducks don’t jump. One duck quacks his beak.

One butterfly jumps. No! Butterflies don’t jump. One butterfly swoops and dives.

One turtle jumps. No! Turtles don’t jump. One turtle walks along slo-o-o-o-wly.

Continue with an assortment of animals, always encouraging the kids to move like the animals in the story. End by placing the frog back up.

One frog jumps. He jumps up and down and all around!

The animals are laminated clip art, chosen because they were bright and colorful.

This week’s round up is being hosted at Rain Makes Applesauce (thank you, @ReadingChick!) Be sure to visit the beautiful Flannel Friday Pinterest account, and stop by So Tomorrow for past roundups and future hosting schedule.

Happy Friday!


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