Flannel Friday: Five Fat Hot Dogs

With all the gorgeous flannels out there, I am almost ashamed of posting this decidedly and extremely simple one. But this is a fun, quick rhyme for a food storytime, and is always a favorite with the crowd.

Five fat hot dogs frying in the pan,

all of a sudden,

one went BAM!

(Yell bam and either loudly clap your hands or slap your thighs)

Count down to no fat hot dogs, then ask the kids what they will have for  lunch now that they’ve made all their hot dogs explode. This will probably generate some funny comments.  Once a child told me that he hated hot dogs anyway, and was glad that we had ‘splooded’ them all.  Several have told me that hot dogs aren’t good for them to eat, and they should have salad instead, which led into a nice discussion of healthy and not-so-healthy foods.

The hot dogs are clip art, and making me hungry for a real, all-beef hot dog.

This week’s round up is being hosted at storytiming (thank you, @storytimingcate!) Be sure to visit the beautiful Flannel Friday Pinterest account, and stop by So Tomorrow for past roundups and future hosting schedule.

Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Five Fat Hot Dogs

  1. This is adorable! I can’t wait to do the BAM! for the kids. They always love those surprises.

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