Flannel Friday: Wake Up Bear…It’s Christmas!

Loosely based on the picture book Wake Up Bear…It’s Christmas! by Stephen Gammell, this Santa story is fun to tell.

As the last few leaves of autumn fall, Bear knows it’s time for his winter sleep but this time he decides not to sleep the whole winter through. “This year I’m not sleeping through it. I’ve heard it’s a happy, joyful time and I don’t want to miss it. This year I am waking up for Christmas!”

(my Bear is definitely much worse for wear)

Bear goes home and sets his alarm clock for that special day, and then like any smart bear, snuggles down under his blankets.  He spends a brief moment wondering about much fun Christmas will be and then falls asleep mid-wonderings.

The weeks go by and snow piles up, and Bear sleeps on. When his alarm wakes him up, it’s Christmas Eve!  He puts on his scarf and mittens and goes out to get a tree, which he brings home and decorates.

Then Bear sits by his fire and tree and sings Christmas songs (a great chance for you and the storytime kids to sing one, too–Jingle Bells, anyone?)

Bear is content, and then he gets a special visitor (I think you know who), and together they sit by the tree and sing songs.

On his way out, Santa thanks Bear and asks him to join him in his sleigh for a ride–“I’d really enjoy your company!” And off they go with an ecstatic bear and his new friend laughing a jolly “ho ho ho!”

The story pieces are a mishmash–Bear and Santa are from coloring pages, the bed, scarf and sleigh are hand drawn, the blanket is a real piece of fabric, the fire is clip art, and the tree is an Ellison die cut with one side plain (for when Bear goes out and gets a tree) and one side decorated with small, round stickers (for when the tree is in Bear’s house), just flip it over when you are ready for the decorated side.  The scarf attachs to Bear with small pieces of double stick tape, so he can put it on when he gets out of bed.  One Santa tip: make sure that your Santa faces the right way to drive the sleigh, or like I did, you may have to flip over the sleigh.

More of my holiday ideas here.

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Happy holidays!

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