Ideas for a Christmas Story Party

In the distant past, around this time of year I would have what I called a Christmas story party.  The party featured Christmas books, songs, games, cookies, crafts and reindeer food to take home (glitter and cereal in little baggies with the instruction to sprinkle on the front lawn for the reindeer to snack on).

Here are a few of the highlights and favorites from past Christmas Story Parties.

Books: Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree, Where’s Prancer?Corduroy’s Christmas, Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!

Songs: If you like Christmas (sung to If You’re Happy and You Know It), The Lights on the Tree Go Blink Blink Blink (sung to Wheels on the Bus), Reindeer Pokey (sung to Hokey Pokey), He’ll Be Comin’ Down the Chimney (sung to She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain), SANTA (sung to BINGO-instead of just clapping on the missing letter, say ho, so at the end of the song you say ho ho ho ho ho)

Etc: go on a Santa Hunt (like going on a lion hunt), be different sizes of Christmas trees (show me small, medium large, then mix it up and go faster and faster)

Games: Santa hunt (like little mouse, little mouse are you in the ___house except hide Santa behind the different colored houses and just say Santa, Santa, where are you?),  pin the star on the tree, Christmas Bingo

Big finale: If you have bells and/or shakers for the kids to play, put on a show at the end for the parents. Play the music for Jingle Bells, Up on the Housetop, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas, put the kids in a line in front of the parents and have them sing/play bells. Even if they don’t sing the kids will shake the bells/shakers and all will enjoy the finale.

Craft: The craft was actually two crafts: I had the kids color an ornament for the library tree, usually just seasonal shapes I cut out before hand, and to take home, they decorated a plate for Santa’s cookies–just markers or crayons coloring on a plain white paper plate (sometimes I gave them just Christmassy colored markers or crayons).  You could get fancy and use Christmas stickers or even just simple star stickers, too.

Happy holidays!


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