Flannel Friday: Who’s Behind the Barn Door?

This game is best for the younger crowd, and is super simple to make and play.

This is a very easy guessing game. I put an animal (be sure to do this without the kids seeing which animal is being hidden) on the flannel board and cover it with the barn door.

Then I give out some clues–for example, if I’ve hidden a cat, I would say “this animal is small, has a long tail and pretty fur.”  Then comes the biggest clue–I say “and this animal says MEOW!”  Then we count to three and whip aside the barn door to see who’s hiding behind the barn door and if the kids have guessed correctly.  Repeat with as many animals as you like, and don’t limit yourself just to farm animals. Kids love when zoo animals appear behind the door.


The animals are patterns from Felt Board Fingerplays, by Liz and Dick Wilmes.

The barn is a piece of red construction paper with masking tape forming the X.

I also do this on a slightly larger scale, using a piece of red posterboard for the barn door and puppets instead of of flannel pieces.

This week’s round up is being hosted by Mel’s Desk (thank you, Mel! And congratulations to Mel on the first anniversary of a wonderful idea, Flannel Friday!) Be sure to visit the beautiful Flannel Friday Pinterest account, and stop by So Tomorrow for past roundups and future hosting schedule.


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