The Tree Stump

This is my live-action version of  The Tree Stump.  The reader is too short (in length) and small (in size) to share as a book, but it’s such a fun story that I made this version for storytime.  I used a paper grocery sack and small stuffed animals to recreate the story.  Basically, the story goes like this: forest animals find the tree stump one by one, and decide to take a nap/look for a snack/play peekaboo/etc inside.  After each animal’s spiel, I say ‘and he (or she) jumped in’ and then toss the animal in through the hole.

Here is my tree stump:


It’s a paper grocery sack, which I decorated using markers, then cut out the circle from just one side of the sack.

Here are the stuffed animal actors:


I tried to use animals that would naturally live in the woods, but a few of them are a bit of stretch. The kids like those the best, of course.

The animals are happily snuggling inside the tree stump (I have the kids keep track of how many animals are inside as we add them to the stump family) when along comes a skunk:


The skunk is missing his animal friends. For some reason (!), he can’t find them anywhere. The kids tell skunk where his friends are hiding, and he jumps in.


When skunk jumps in, the other animals jump out–literally! I take them out one by one, tossing then onto the floor in front of me. Chaos ensues.


As I tell the story, I  keep the animals in a bag next to me.  This one, unfortunately, does some free advertising, but since I keep the bag at my feet, it stays pretty hidden.


The clip on top is extra important. I keep it on the bag until I am ready to tell the story, otherwise the kids’  “there be stuffed animals near” sense is awakened and the story is over before it began.

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