my storytime attendance for February–444

Although I started my new position in January, February was the first full month I conducted my brand new family storytime. I do four non-registered family storytimes a week, Tuesday-Friday mornings. Each morning, I load up my big yellow cart with everything I need for storytime (HA! I ALWAYS forget at least something) and trundle over to the library’s community meeting room.

The registered storytimes are concurrent with mine, and they are in the children’s programming room, so I get to do mine in the community room.

Just like the registered storytimes, my drop-in storytimes have nametags, laminated paper and we use dry erase markers to write the kids’ names on them. I am neutral on the use of the nametags–they are a lot of prep and upkeep, but the kids do seem to like them, so for now I will continue to use them.

 The penguins were for the winter storytimes, and we will begin using the crayon nametags next week.

The storytime lasts around 30-35 minutes, and I give the kids a coloring page at the end. We don’t do crafts at any of our storytimes–we serve too many kids and can’t afford the materials for crafts. Also, there is simply no time for the registered storytimes to do crafts, as there are at least two storytimes each morning in the same room.

And here are my February statistics–277 kids, 167 adults. That’s 444 people in just my storytimes in February! What a month! I am overjoyed to be doing storytimes again. I have found the biggest challenge to be prep time. I work 20 hours a week, and with half of that each week spent doing storytimes, as well as set up and clean up, and most of the rest spent on the public service desk, I end up doing quite a bit of work at home.  Now, I need to concentrate on continuing to grow those numbers!

3 thoughts on “my storytime attendance for February–444

  1. Congrats on your attendance figures!
    I too work part-time (22 hours). It’s a small library and I if Im not doing a storytime or teaching IT to seniors I’m on the service desk, often alone. Finding prep time at work is also very challenging, so I feel your pain! Good Luck!

  2. And good luck to you! It’s good to know there are others in the same situation. We should form a support group! 🙂 I hate to cut down on the time I spend on the creative side of storytime (flannels, etc), but I think I will have to do just that, in order to make sure I provide great customer service at the other aspects of my job. There is only so much time, as you well know! If only the days could be spent in storytime…

  3. Hi there, another Children’s librarian here browsing for ideas! Great stats for February. I love the idea of name tags, and am going to copy that for my group. I have a lot of regulars, but with my numbers growing to nearly 40 a session I am struggling to remember them all! I will keep following your blog, and maybe one day will start my own.

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