(not a) flannel friday: Row Row Row Your Boat, plus alligator

Here’s an alternative version of Row Row Row Your Boat.

We sang the classic version a few times first. Then I introduced an alligator to the mix. The verse is:

Row row row your boat,

gently down the stream,

if you see an alligator

don’t forget to scream.


I took several of my miscellaneous animal pictures (patterns from the Liz and Dick Wilmes book Felt Board Fingerplays) and put them on craft sticks.

Then I held up a picture of a rowboat (clip art glued to posterboard), and put the craft stick animals on my lap behind the boat photo.

We sang the song, and then from behind the boat photo I held up the alligator. Screams!

We sang the song again, and this time I held up a different animal. No screams, so we made the correct animal noise instead. And sometimes we screamed anyway, just for fun.


We did this one many times, it was a big storytime hit.

Cate at Storytiming is hosting Flannel Friday today (thank you, Cate!).  Be sure to visit the beautiful Flannel Friday Pinterest account. So Tomorrow has past roundups and the future hosting schedule, as well.


9 thoughts on “(not a) flannel friday: Row Row Row Your Boat, plus alligator

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  2. We sing that version also…and I never thought to make it a flannel board. Love it. adorable pieces. Can’t wait to make it! thank you ~ jane

  3. I love this song! We have done it many times, but like others I use puppets. Very cute making it a flannel. I also like that you have them do the animal noises. I always pull out the other animals first and scream, then, the alligator comes out and sits on my head while I calmly ask the kids ‘why are you all screaming?’

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