Flannel Friday: Five Little Bunnies

Just a quickie rhyme for today’s flannel friday.

5 little bunnies hopping down the trail,

One fell down and bumped her tail.

Mama called the doctor–what did she say?

No more bunnies hopping today!

(Count down from four to one)

Alternative: Rather than using these on the flannel board, you could put them on craft sticks and use as “puppets”.


These are laminated coloring pages–I shrunk down the pattern on the copy machine and used markers to color them in.


Erin of Falling Flannelboards is hosting Flannel Friday today (thank you, Erin!).  Be sure to visit the beautiful Flannel Friday Pinterest account.  So Tomorrow has past roundups and the future hosting schedule, as well.




2 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Five Little Bunnies

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  2. Sweet bunnies! I use a similar rhyme with my pompon bunnies and my glove but I like to have other options, too. I really like the idea of using them as puppets. It would be fun to make the puppet version as a craft at the end of storytime. Thanks for the idea!

    I think my favorite is the gray one. Cute!

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