Flannel Friday: Dog’s Colorful Day

There are so many great flannels for this story, but I had to share this one that a coworker of mine made. It’s actually a magnet story. She copied and enlarged the dog from the story, laminated it and put a large magnet on the back, so it would stick to a magnet board.

The spots are small round magnets, covered with different colors of construction paper circles. You could also use the round office supply stickers in various colors (if I can’t find the color of sticker I need that’s ready made, I just color a white sticker the appropriate color)–just stick it to the front of the round magnet.

When it’s time to bathe Dog, of course there’s a sponge. You could use a real sponge. This one is clip art, glued to card stock, so it’s sturdy. Just sweep the sponge across Dog and move the colored magnets to the side.

This one is so much fun!

Loones and Quines is hosting Flannel Friday today (thank you, LQ!).  Be sure to visit the beautiful Flannel Friday Pinterest account.  So Tomorrow has past roundups and the future hosting schedule, as well. And enormous amounts of thank yous go to Mel who started Flannel Friday!

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