Summer Reading–Children’s Area photos

Decorating the children’s area for summer reading is always a big deal here, but this year we ran out of time and were unable to do as much as we would have liked. Having said that, I still think that the room looks pretty good.

Front and rear views of the children’s service desk


The children’s program room where we held signups and handed out prizes for the first several weeks. Teen volunteers usually manned the tables.


Information about the kids photo exhibit, my idea which unfortunately has not really taken off, and the Midnight Snack game, which the kids love. Each week, a new clue is hidden in the children’s department (pictures of various kinds of food) and once a child finds all the clues, they can figure out a special message and enter a prize drawing.

We use the area right outside the children’s department to place signs that advertise upcoming programs.

The teen summer reading program registration table, also in the programming room.

Our first two prize winners in the preschool program! They came in on day two of summer reading to collect their first prizes.


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