Flannel Friday: Yes and No game

I use this very simple activity with the wonderful book Yes Day by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  I put up the words yes and no on my magnetic board. Then I show the kids an animal, and they decide whether or not they would like to pet that animal. If the answer is yes, I place the animal under the word yes, and if they say they wouldn’t pet the animal, I put it under the word no. Any animals that get both a yes and a no go in the middle. Often, if they say yes, I “accidently” put the animal in the ‘no’ column, to work on the kids’ word and letter recognition.

Just for fun, I’ll tell you a story about this one. I often use this kind of activity in storytime (animals on the flannel board presented in a game format), from Little Mouse Little Mouse Are You in the Red House to Button Button Who’s Got the Button to an underpants matching game and MANY more. When I explained in storytime how to play the Yes and No game and got out the animals, a parent actually LAUGHED. I like to think she was laughing with me and not at me.

photo (25)  photo (24)


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