Flannel Friday: I found some kids

Not real kids, although I had plenty of them during summer reading. These are some paper kids that I found at Target in the dollar bins. I think they will make great flannel story pieces, although I haven’t had even one bit of time to think about what I can actually do with them. Maybe a sorting and matching activity  in the new early literacy activity stations?

The kids are somewhat flimsy, being made of slick paper, so lamination is certainly in order. There are four each of six different kids in the set, and the set cost one dollar. I think I will go back to Target and see if I can pick up a few more sets.



2 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: I found some kids

  1. I went to my local Target after seeing your post & was able to get a set. I just love their dollar area & it’s always my first stop. Thanks for sharing

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