Flannel Friday: Wheel of Pigs

This piggy activity can cover a lot of acreage: color identification, counting, matching, simple math. Start with several pigs  (mine are clipart from Open Clip Art Library) and some “pig pens” (mine are colored circles).


Then add in the Wheel of Pigs (I used a Twister spinner because I couldn’t find my homemade spinner). Spin the Wheel of Pigs (and be sure to say it like “Wheel…of…Favorite Game Show”) to determine in which pen a pig will live. For example, spin a yellow and the pig goes into the yellow pen.


I use spray glue on a poster board and on the circle pens to make the pigs stick where I want them to go. You could, of course, make a beautiful flannel version, or use magnets and a magnet board. I like to count the pigs at various times, and even do some simple math (2 pigs in the green pen and 1 pig in the red pen equals 3 pigs!)

green pen

Get piggy with it!


2 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Wheel of Pigs

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