Flannel Friday: turkey craft and a vintage game

I have two Thanksgiving-related items to share, and neither one is a flannelboard.

First, a craft. This paperbag puppet turkey features two of my favorite things, feathers and googly eyes. I apologize, this craft is from my archives (i.e. it’s really old) and I’m not sure who to credit it to, nor can I provide a template, but the pieces seem like they would be pretty easy to come up with. Oh, and googly eyes and feathers.  

turkey craft

Also, I found this so-old-I-have-no-idea-where-it-came-from pin the hat on the turkey game. I can’t bear to punch out the pieces, so the game shall remain unplayed. If you recognize this game, and know where it came from, please pretty please let me know.  

game 1 photo (14)

Gobble gobble!


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