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Happy Birthday, Flannel Friday!

Wow, 3 years old, Flannel Friday, and you look amazing! Seriously, Flannel Friday is one of the best storytime resources ever, I simply can’t gush enough about it’s amazing best-ness! I long ago stopped posting my own uninspired-due-to-lack-of-time paper creations, but I consult the Flannel Friday Facebook and Pinterest pages every time I prep a … Continue reading

Flannel Friday Round-Up 11/8/13

There are so many wonderful ideas in today’s roundup! So without further ado, here’s your Flannel Friday!  itsybitsymom approached Thanksgiving storytime in a wonderful way, by talking about families, and shares a Family Bingo game. Fun With Friends at Storytime shares some great Thanksgiving rhymes, including one about Pilgrims and a few about turkeys, and … Continue reading

Flannel Friday: Wheel of Pigs

This piggy activity can cover a lot of acreage: color identification, counting, matching, simple math. Start with several pigs  (mine are clipart from Open Clip Art Library) and some “pig pens” (mine are colored circles). Then add in the Wheel of Pigs (I used a Twister spinner because I couldn’t find my homemade spinner). Spin … Continue reading

Flannel Friday: I found some kids

Not real kids, although I had plenty of them during summer reading. These are some paper kids that I found at Target in the dollar bins. I think they will make great flannel story pieces, although I haven’t had even one bit of time to think about what I can actually do with them. Maybe … Continue reading

Flannel Friday: My favorite F word(s)

Flannel Friday is all kinds of  f-words (the good kind): fun, free, fabulous, friendly, functional, fantastic, flannel-y, fly, fascinating, funky, famous, facebook-y, festive, fancy, fierce, and fantabulous!  Thank you to all who participate in Flannel Friday. You help make my job more of the good f-words, too. Oh, and for this introverted storytimer Flannel Friday … Continue reading

Flannel Friday: Yes and No game

I use this very simple activity with the wonderful book Yes Day by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  I put up the words yes and no on my magnetic board. Then I show the kids an animal, and they decide whether or not they would like to pet that animal. If the answer is yes, I place … Continue reading

Flannel Friday Round Up for November 16

So, can anyone tell me how today could possibly be November 16th ALREADY?!?!  Let’s just skip right over winter and head directly to spring! Here are today’s fabulous Flannel Friday ideas: Anne at So Tomorrow is thinking ahead to summer with the worm song Nobody Likes Me, complete with patterns, that will be a great … Continue reading

Flannel Friday: Chameleon’s Colors

This flannel is based on the book Chameleon’s Colors by Chisato Tashiro, and was a great fit for my jungle storytime. On a sunny day in the jungle, Chameleon is tired of blending in with the scenery. When Hippo almost steps on Chameleon, the reluctant color changer says he is sick of always being ignored … Continue reading

Exciting Flannel Friday News

Newsflash! Here is an announcement about a new site and procedures for Flannel Friday straight from the Flannel Friday administrators: Exciting news for Flannel Friday!  Introducing the Flannel Friday website!  As you know, Anne at So Tomorrow has been an amazing manager and archiver of Flannel Friday information for the past year. Anne and her husband … Continue reading