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Flannel Friday: Dog’s Colorful Day

There are so many great flannels for this story, but I had to share this one that a coworker of mine made. It’s actually a magnet story. She copied and enlarged the dog from the story, laminated it and put a large magnet on the back, so it would stick to a magnet board. The … Continue reading

Flannel Friday: Two Little Birds

I was inspired by need and this post by My Storytime Life to make a flannel for the rhyme Two Little Birds. Two little blue birds sitting on a cloud One named soft the other named loud! Fly away soft Fly away loud! Come back soft, Come back loud! I had the kids make two fists for … Continue reading

Flannel Friday: One Day in the Jungle

Adapted from Colin West’s book One Day in the Jungle, this flannel (magnetic board in actuality) was a BIG storytime hit this week.  And fun, too!  But get ready to sneeze. I did this for my sneezes and noses program, and we had already done quite a bit of sneezing by the time we got … Continue reading

Flannel Friday: underpants matching game

What’s up with these suspiciously grinning dinosaurs? Why, they don’t have underpants on, of course.  I made up this flannel game to go with the book Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. We matched underpants to dinosaurs. This pair goes– here. I made several dinosaurs and pairs of underpants  (the patterns were coloring pages).  I  colored … Continue reading

(not a) flannel friday: 5 Little Valentines

I have had this rhyme in my files for many years: Five Pretty Valentines waiting at the store. (name) bought one and then there were four. Four pretty Valentines shaped like a “V” (name) bought one and then there were three. Three pretty Valentines said “I love you” (name) bought one then there were two. … Continue reading

Flannel Friday: 5 Bears in the Bed

I came up with this variation (although I’m sure it’s been done many times before) on the classic song “5 In the Bed” to fit with my bear storytime. I just add the word bear into the lyrics. Before I put the bears in the bed, I ask the kids to guess how many bears will … Continue reading

Flannel Friday: Five Fat Hot Dogs

With all the gorgeous flannels out there, I am almost ashamed of posting this decidedly and extremely simple one. But this is a fun, quick rhyme for a food storytime, and is always a favorite with the crowd. Five fat hot dogs frying in the pan, all of a sudden, one went BAM! (Yell bam … Continue reading

Flannel Friday roundup

Warning–Flannel Friday fabulousness ahead! Melissa (Mel’s Desk) gives us a lovely Where is Catkin, plus lots of other activities you can do with the story pieces. The Library Lady (Story Time with the Library Lady)  shares her version of the very timely Big Pumpkin. Liz (putting smiles on faces) goes wonderfully batty with There Was an … Continue reading