Happy Birthday, Flannel Friday!

Wow, 3 years old, Flannel Friday, and you look amazing! Seriously, Flannel Friday is one of the best storytime resources ever, I simply can’t gush enough about it’s amazing best-ness! I long ago stopped posting my own uninspired-due-to-lack-of-time paper creations, but I consult the Flannel Friday Facebook and Pinterest pages every time I prep a storytime.

I have too many favorites to list, but here are links to a few of those faves.

See You Later, Alligator   (Miss Mary Liberry)
Ten Fluffy Chickens   (Storytime Katie)
Ten Turtles   (Artistic Literacy)
Shark in the Park   (Thrive After Three)
Five Green and Speckled Frogs   (Mel’s Desk)
Ten Flashing Fireflies  (Catch the Possibilities)
Cake Circles and Clothespins  (Mel’s Desk)
Gumballs in a Dish  (Story Time Secrets)

And here are two of my own that I like to use.

Horse and Hat, Fish and Flower
One Day in the Jungle

And no, I haven’t made new animals yet. Someday, Flannel Friday, someday.  

The 3rd birthday roundup is being hosted by Anne at So Tomorrow.  Thank you to all who have posted their fabulous creations and those who continue to do so. Viva Flannel Friday!  



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Flannel Friday!

  1. This round-up is so much fun. There are flannels I’ve totally missed – Gumballs in a dish, I don’t ever recall seeing this. Love it. Happy Birthday to all FF-ers ~ jane

  2. I’m glad to see your posts, no matter what they are — you’re part of the founding FF family in my book!

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