Flannel Friday: One Day in the Jungle

Adapted from Colin West’s book One Day in the Jungle, this flannel (magnetic board in actuality) was a BIG storytime hit this week.  And fun, too!  But get ready to sneeze. I did this for my sneezes and noses program, and we had already done quite a bit of sneezing by the time we got to this point in storytime (sneezing into our elbows, of course).

The story is simple: one day in the jungle, there is a little sneeze (butterfly).


Lizard says “bless you, butterfly”. The next day in the jungle there’s a not-so-little sneeze. It’s Lizard, of course, and Parrot says bless you.

Then it’s Parrot’s turn, and Parrot sneezes a big sneeze. The sneeze chain goes all the way to Elephant (with the sneezes getting bigger each time), who says after his ginormous sneeze “Bless me, I’ve blown away the jungle!”  When I say this, I take the tree off the board.

We do each animal’s sneeze as the story moves along. By the time we reach the elephant, the kids are so ready for that ginormous sneeze!

The animals and tree are from coloring pages that I colored with markers.

This week’s round up is being hosted by Katie (thank you, Katie) from Storytime Katie.  Be sure to visit the beautiful Flannel Friday Pinterest account. So Tomorrow has past roundups and the future hosting schedule, as well.

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